Sri Lankan wins golden award at Steve Business Annual Ceremony – equivalent to the Oscar award in the Film Industry!

Posted on 2016-05-30

(Lanka-e-News -04.Nov.2015, 10.30PM) The annual ‘Steve’ awards ceremony is considered the world’s apex business award ceremony in business world.  The ‘Steve’ award is very similar to that of the Oscar awards in the World Cinema Industry.  It is with great pride to honor our own Sri Lankan being recognized as the Best Executive of the Year Golden Award at the Steve Annual Awards Ceremony. 
Susantha Shan Halamba, the Chief Executive of the America’s Ceyhinz Link International, Inc and RIOCOCO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd in Sri Lanka. Halamba was humbly accepted the most coveted Steve Golden Award, as the Executive of the Year (manufacturing category) for 2015. Halamba sets the world record of the first Sri Lankan to be recognized with this extraordinary international business award. 
The Steve Award Ceremony was conducted on a most grand scale with all the glamor and glitter held at the Ritz Carlton hotel , Toronto ,Canada on the 23rd of October . In Greek language, the name ‘Steve’ that is given to this means ‘crowning.’  Previously mentioned, the Steve Awards Ceremony is the most leading business award ceremony in the world. 
The ceremony is designed to provide awards in recognizing and acknowledging various goods and volumes of outstanding business production as well as the recognition to managerial task boards.  At this year’s ceremony about  3,700 nominated candidates of various international companies from 60 countries were proposed .  The most striking feature of the ceremony was that the panel comprised of 200 judges.  Hence, at this very competitive award function, a Sri Lankan winning an award is no doubt, something to be highly lauded, and a victory all Sri Lankans should feel proud about.
Michael Galliher, the President and the CEO of the organizing committee of the Steve Awards Ceremony presented the award to Shan Halamba, while the judges who admired Halamba acknowledged that the agricultural system of Sri Lanka can be utilized to combat the American food problems.  Halamba’s outstanding production of his goods and distributing to over 30 countries had successfully built an international business chain.  He is a very special young entrepreneur, the judges pointed out. 
Shan Halamba, who started Ceyhinz Link International, Inc in the USA and RIOCOCO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, which factories are located in Sri Lanka, manufactures and distributes 100% organic Coconut fiber based growing medium to greenhouses, vertical farming and urban agricultural farms worldwide. 
Shan Halamba has also won awards at various award ceremonies previously as well.  The RIOCOCO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. located in Sri Lanka, won the twin award in September 2015, from the National Chamber of Exporters in Sri Lanka as the best exporter and exporter of agriculture based value added products. 
He was previously recognized with International Businessman of The Year award from the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, Texas Governor’s Business Champion Award, Minority Business Leader Award by Dallas Business Journal, and the Exceptional Perance by a Young Professional award in the united States of America.
This triumph at the Steve awards ceremony sans political backing, that without great business education or the ancestry of Shan Halamba to speak of, who is virtually a self-made businessman not even 40 years of age must serve as an inspiration to new entrepreneurs for a  number of lessons can be learnt by following him. 
Shan Halamba’s business official website is

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